Nick Ferrari's Interview With Anna Soubry After Euro Elections Is Even More Remarkable Now

5 June 2019, 08:39

Nick Ferrari was left in a fit of hysterics when Anna Soubry celebrated Change UK's results in in the EU elections.

Change UK MP Anna Soubry told Nick Ferrari her new party's results in the European Elections were "not a disaster'.

But The LBC presenter was sent into a fit of laughter when the pro-Remain campaigner said that more than 600,000 people turned out to vote for Change UK.

The pro-Remain party made up of former Tory and Labour MPs failed to elect any MEPs to the European Parliament with just 3.4% of the vote share.

Anna Soubry speaking at a Change UK event before the election
Anna Soubry speaking at a Change UK event before the election. Picture: Getty

Ms Soubry told Nick: "I don't think it was a disaster actually, we are a genuinely new party and 600,000 people turned out and voted for us."

But after bursting into a fit of laughter, the LBC presenter said: "The Brexit Party is equally as new and they got 31%!

"Are you seriously suggesting this was a triumph?"

Ms Soubry replied: "No, I said that we are a genuinely new party. The Brexit Party is just a retread of Nigel Farage's long standing 20 years he's had his own political party in one guise or another.

"600,000 people turning out and voting for a new political party, in my opinion, is very good and I don't have a problem with that."

Watch above.