Astrologer Reveals The Star Sign Most Likely To Make A Success Of Brexit

12 April 2019, 14:41

Fingers have been pointed in almost every direction when it comes to the Brexit "blame game" but until now no one has suggested that it could be down to the stars.

Could astrology be the reason for the Brexit debacle if the star signs of key leaders affected the negotiations?

The majority of politicians who have been on the Brexit front line in the UK have an air sign, which traditionally means that they are indecisive, wishy washy, and never get things done, according to astrologer Michele Knight.

She told Nick Ferrari that there is "a lot of hot air going on, and all of them are air signs".

The air signs comprise of Aquarius, Libra (David Cameron and Theresa May) and Gemini (Jeremy Corbyn, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson).

The psychic explained that air signs are known to be "very quick-witted intelligent but they enjoy arguing, they love a good old fight and this must be the fight of dreams for them".

Nick Ferrari Astrologist
Picture: LBC

When Nick asked what star sign we should have at the forefront in order to get things done, Ms Knight suggested an Aries which "always wins".

Another key player, Jean Claude Juncker, is a Sagittarius which the astrologer said was "perfect" as it is links to overseas travel and expansion.

Ms Knight also spoke about the planet alignments and their impact on Brexit.

"Jupiter, the planet of overseas travel, went retrograde on the day that Theresa May got an extension. I would predict that we're going to sort it out in the next four months, because what it means is we get a chance to rectify our mistakes," she said.