Nick Ferrari: This Is What Your BBC Licence Fee Is Paying For

11 June 2019, 10:40

Nick Ferrari runs through what the BBC licence fee pays for in a hilarious rant following the corporation's decision to charge over-75s.

The BBC announced over-75s will have to pay for the licence fee, with exclusions only for those on Pension Credit.

The corporation's Director General Tony Hall said the new scheme "is fairest for the poorest pensioners", but the decision has been met with criticism from the Prime Minister.

A spokesperson for Theresa May said she is "very disappointed" with the decision and urged the BBC to 'look again'.

Shadow Culture Secretary and Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson said the decision left a "Tory manifesto promise in tatters".

But after reading through today’s TV listings, Nick Ferrari suggested some form of advertising wouldn't be the end of the world.

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari reading out the TV guide. Picture: LBC

After reading the listings for BBC One and BBC Two, the LBC presenter said it would not be the end of the world if Eastenders characters named brands, suggesting they could order a Heineken or a Carlsberg in the pub.

"Oh my god the world's coming to an end!" Nick bantered.

"They just said Heineken on Eastenders!

"Get hold of Tony Hall!

"I think, I might be wrong, but I think the shops will stay open and water will still be in the taps."

Watch above.