Black professor: Statues are a diversion, we need to sort out society's current problems

10 June 2020, 15:43

Scotland's first black professor told LBC that the debates over statues are a diversion that are getting in the way of dealing with the real issues faced by black people today.

The statue of slaver Edward Colston was torn down by protesters on Sunday and thrown in Bristol harbour, while protests have been held at other controversial statues around the UK.

But Professor Sir Geoff Palmer warned that just dealing with the statues and ignoring all the other issues will be a failure for all BAME people.

Nick Ferrari asked if a black person's life today would be improved by the removal of a statue and he responded: "No, I think it's almost a diversion.

"I have fought with many others to try to improve the social standing and representation of black people.

Nick Ferrari heard this fascinating take on the statue debate
Nick Ferrari heard this fascinating take on the statue debate. Picture: PA / LBC

"I would hate for this to say 'well we've taken down a statue, we've responded to all your social needs'.

"If you remove the evidence, you remove the deed."

It was a fascinating take on the debate, hear it at the top of the page.