Boris Johnson Denies Steve Bannon Influence Over Campaign

25 June 2019, 10:34

Tory leadership candidate Boris Johnson said reports his campaign is under advice of Steve Bannon are "complete codswallop".

The leadership frontrunner was asked by Nick Ferrari whether former Donald Trump strategist Steve Bannon had any influence on his campaign.

It comes after video footage emerged of Mr Bannon saying he helped Mr Johnson put together his first speech after his resignation as Foreign Secretary.

But Mr Johnson said the reports were the "biggest load of codswallop".

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Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC

Mr Johnson said: "This is the biggest load of codswallop I have ever heard.

"It is perfectly true when the President came to this country last year, Steve Bannon texted me on a couple of occasions trying to fix a meeting.

"I texted back to say that meeting was not possible, I was otherwise occupied."

In the footage of Mr Bannon, the former strategist can seen reading a story about Mr Johnson's first speech after his resignation as Foreign Secretary, before saying: "I've been talking to him all weekend about this speech - we went back and forth over the text".

Watch above.