PM needs to 'get on with it' if Tier 4 is required in more of England

23 December 2020, 08:47

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Boris Johnson should "just get on with it" if further Tier 4 restrictions are needed for more parts of England.

The Cabinet's Covid operations committee is meeting on Wednesday to consider the latest data on the spread of the virus.

With reports areas of England could be put into Tier 4 from Boxing Day as fears grow over the spread of the new variant of coronavirus LBC spoke to the Shadow Health Secretary.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick acknowledged "it may be necessary to take further action" to curb rising case numbers.

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari on the subject, Shadow Health Secretary Jon Ashworth said if extra measures are needed then the Prime Minister should "just get on with it."

Adding "people need to know where they stand," he said while we all hate restrictions "dithering and delay" is often worse.

He said if Boris Johnson was receiving scientific advice which suggested the measure was needed then he should not delay.

Reports suggested local leaders and health officials met on Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of Birmingham being moved into a Tier 4 lockdown, while areas in lower tiers could be moved up to Tier 3.