Boris Johnson Reveals What He Said To Jeremy Corbyn In Parliament

15 March 2018, 09:38 | Updated: 15 March 2018, 14:54

Boris Johnson insists all he did to make Jeremy Corbyn angry in parliament yesterday was to ask when he was going to condemn Russia.

The Labour leader paused during his response to Theresa May's Russia statement to say: "I can't understand a word of what the Foreign Secretary said, but his behaviour demeans his office."

Nick Ferrari asked Mr Johnson what he had said to make him so angry, and he admitted he was a little baffled.

Boris Johnson admitted what he said to Jeremy Corbyn
Boris Johnson admitted what he said to Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: PA / LBC

The Foreign Secretary told LBC: "To be honest, I was very surprised. I was sitting quietly with my arms folded.

"I had just said to him in a not particularly loud voice 'Why don't you condemn Russia?' which is I think what he needs to do.

"The most striking condemnation of the Leader of the Opposition came yesterday from his own backbenchers, who felt totally unled. You could tell they felt at a moment when the country needed to come together, this was a guy who did not seem to be standing up to Russia.

"He had a chance to condemn Russia for what they had done and he notably at many times failed to do so.

"It was absolutely bizarre that at a time when you had a blatant use of a Russian nerve agent by the Russians on the streets of Salisbury, he didn't find it in his heart to condemn them."