'Boris Johnson throwing his toys out of the pram holds no weight in Brexit talks'

7 September 2020, 12:24 | Updated: 7 September 2020, 15:27

By Seán Hickey

Former leader of the Lib Dems Lord Menzies Campbell accused Boris Johnson of 'throwing his toys out of the pram' in Brexit negotiations, warning it holds no weight with the EU.

Lord Menzies Campbell was reflecting on tensions rising between the UK and EU in Brexit negotiations, as UK negotiators warned they are "not scared to walk away" if talks aren't going well.

"Surely it's possible for two sensible parties to reach a sensible agreement," the former Lib Dem leader told Nick Ferrari.

"Throwing your toys out of the pram, as the Prime Minister appears to do, cuts absolutely no ice in the carious capitals of the European Union - some of whom have already expressed surprise and, in some respects, anger that the Government is approaching this in a sort of win or lose nothing approach."

Nick argued that "Dominic Raab's line and certainly others would be that the EU is still treating the United Kingdom as if it was still a member state" in negotiations, and this is the main stumbling block that the EU must recognise.

Lord Campbell pointed out that the next few weeks will be defining in Brexit talks
Lord Campbell pointed out that the next few weeks will be defining in Brexit talks. Picture: PA

Lord Campbell argued, "If you want to have a special relationship then undoubtedly the arrangements between the United Kingdom and the European Union will be different from what a third party would have."

He argued that the UK cannot simultaneously seek to be treated differently from EU member states while looking for similar trade deals.

"We are in for a pretty rough ride," he feared.

"It all depends on the meeting with Barnier and other British officials tomorrow."

"It's no surprise that these remarks that we're talking about...come out the eve before what would be a very significant day of negotiations tomorrow."