"Boris Johnson's video message was his most heartfelt and emotional"

13 April 2020, 08:09

Boris Johnson's former Communications chief told LBC the Prime Minister's message after leaving hospital was the most emotional and heartfelt speech he's ever given.

Mr Johnson was discharged from St Thomas' hospital yesterday, seven days after he was admitted with the virus.

In a video message yesterday afternoon, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the doctors and nurses that saved his life, admitting that for 48 hours, "it could have gone either way".

Will Walden worked very closely with Mr Johnson for a number of years and told LBC how emotional the PM looked.

He said: "I thought it was incredible. Every single word of that was his own and you could tell it was.

"My wife also worked with him for a number of years and after we watched the message, we both said 'So Boris'.

"Apparently, he took the time on Saturday afternoon when he was still in hospital to write it. Every word is his own.

"It's possibly the most deeply-felt and personal address I've ever heard from him. He looked pretty close to tears occasionally, he looked very emotional and I think it takes a lot of courage to be as honest as he was, admitting that he'd had that brush with death.

"It was personal, but it was also Prime Ministerial.

Boris Johnson's former aide Will Walden praised the PM's message
Boris Johnson's former aide Will Walden praised the PM's message. Picture: 10 Downing Street / PA

"It effectively says, thank you, I'm here because of the NHS. You at home are keeping the staff who saved me safe by staying at home, I've lived through this and I'm hugely indebted to the public. If you want to keep your loved ones safe, keep going, the sacrifice is absolutely worth it."

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