Boris Johnson's deputy London Mayor tells LBC how he is a "changed man" due to Covid-19

5 October 2020, 07:52

By Fiona Jones

Lady Victoria Borwick served as deputy while Boris Johnson was the London Mayor - she explained how the Prime Minister has become a "different man" since the pandemic has hit.

Boris Johnson has warned his Cabinet that "we will have bumpy months ahead" as his top team meets in person for the first time in four months.

Lady Victoria Borwick was his deputy when he served as London Mayor and told LBC that despite the Prime Minister being a natural optimist, he probably sees this battle with coronavirus as a "long war."

"He'll be wanting to encourage people to succeed and flourish but of course it is very disappointing...every time you open the paper or read the media or listen to the radio you see more terrible problems," she said.

LBC's Nick Ferrari observed that Boris Johnson is "very different" to the man at the Conservative Party conference all those months ago and asked what has changed.

Lady Victoria Borwick told Nick Ferrari that the PM is different now he is flanked by the Government advisers
Lady Victoria Borwick told Nick Ferrari that the PM is different now he is flanked by the Government advisers. Picture: LBC/PA

"Obviously haven taken power, everyone was very optimistic right up until the beginning of the year, then of course he himself suffered the virus, he would have seen friends and others succumbing to the virus and I think he's very very conscious that the medical guys will be saying don't take the lid off," Lady Victoria said.

The former deputy London Mayor continued that even with "the best will in the world" a vaccine will not be available to roll out to everyone until next year: "Boris will be wanting people to use their common sense and be reasonable.

"Boris is somebody who does trust in people to use their best judgement but I think he's certainly being surrounded by the medical guys who have been telling him to take care."

Lady Victoria continued that when he was not flanked by the Government scientific advisors he was a "different Prime Minister" as he was "the one who believed in giving people the go and be successful.

"Brexit loomed and there was freedom to be had and nettle to be grasped as we became a successful free nation."