Boris Johnson's offshore wind power pledge is 'massive distraction' from Covid

6 October 2020, 09:45

By Fiona Jones

This caller who works in renewable energy is pleased green energy is receiving investment - but thinks the announcement serves as a "massive distraction" to the coronavirus crisis.

The Prime Minister is set to invest £160 million in offshore wind power in a bid for wind to produce enough electricity to power every UK home by 2030.

He will say the UK will become the "world leader in clean wind energy."

Nick Ferrari put it to the Chancellor this morning that when Boris Johnson was London Mayor, he commented that wind turbines "couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding", to which Rishi Sunak said that technology has been improved.

Caller Tim told Nick, "This is a massive distraction for Boris and his clan from more imminent problems going on at the moment."

However, despite this, Tim works in the solar panel sector and clarified that while many people branded the wind turbines as useless and ugly, when coupled with other technologies they can be very effective.

"The future is far more ugly than a load of wind turbines," Tim said.

In terms of the Prime Minister's wind target, Tim said, "I would not believe a single word that the current Government say. We've been lied to so many times. I fought through the last ten years of the solar industry with rapid pulling of promises by the Government that affected many tens of thousands of jobs.

"Something is better than nothing. £160 million really is a drop in the ocean...but will we see it all? I doubt it."