Nick Ferrari Grills Brexit Secretary On Ferry Contract

8 January 2019, 09:55 | Updated: 8 January 2019, 09:56

Nick Ferrari presses Stephen Barclay on whether he thinks Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has done his homework over the no deal Brexit ferry contract.

The Brexit Secretary has defended a £14bn contract for additional ferries in the case of a no deal Brexit, telling Nick Ferrari the payments are performance based.

Stephen Barclay said: "There is a due process in government that has to be follow.

"My understanding from DfT colleagues, that the contract was drawn up by a leading law firm and this is something that is then overviewed by senior officials.

"The contract itself is one that the payments are linked to performance, so there are protections built in."

Nick Ferrari grills Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay about the Brexit ferry contract
Nick Ferrari grills Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay about the Brexit ferry contract. Picture: LBC / PA

Nick then brought up Ben Sharp, the head of Seaborne Freight, and a trail of 'angry creditors' in Hong Kong.

It was reported in the Telegraph that his former marine insurance company was shut down by courts over 'unpaid debts in a lengthy legal process'.

"Do you think Chris Grayling has done all his homework?" Nick asked.

"I think the point is that [Mr Sharp] wouldn't be able to take [£14bn] if the performance of the contract is not delivered," Mr Barclay replied.

Nick quickly followed up: "But he hasn't paid his debts reportedly in Hong Kong, why are we giving him money?"

The secretary replied: "Well I don't want to get into speculating on someone's personal financial history, but there is a process that is followed around government contracts and the performance of this contract is linked to the payment."

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