Brexit Vote: If DUP Support Theresa May's Deal, So Will We, Says ERG Member

12 March 2019, 07:36 | Updated: 12 March 2019, 07:42

A member of the European Research Group has told LBC that they will back Theresa May's Brexit deal in tonight's crunch vote if the DUP support it.

Daniel Kawczynski said that the group are waiting for legal advice following the "improvements" made to the withdrawal agreement late last night.

David Lidington told the Commons late on Monday that Mrs May had won “legally-binding” changes that “strengthen” the deal. A Political Deceleration had also been secured, he said, and MPs would vote on the "improved" offer tomorrow.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, he said: "We have set up a taskforce in the ERG of eight prominent barristers and lawyers, who are also members of parliament.

"They will be looking and scrutinising, line-by-line, what the Attorney General says and based on their legal advice and what our colleagues at the DUP tell us, some of us could potentially vote for the government if there are these legal assurances.

Nick Ferrari spoke to Daniel Kawczynski
Nick Ferrari spoke to Daniel Kawczynski. Picture: LBC / House of Parliament

"For me, I'm someone who believes very much in the integrity of the United Kingdom and all of its component parts.

"And if somebody representing Northern Ireland, people at the coalface of this issue who will be most affected by the possibility of the Northern Ireland backstop being implemented, if they tell us that they have some sort of legal assurance that the United Kingdom can pull out of this arrangement unilaterally, then clearly that would be a very strong signal that potentially it is time for us to back the government."

Attention will then turn on whether that is enough for Mrs May to get her deal through parliament.