"Brexit Will Put Me Out Of Business... But I Still Want To Leave"

5 December 2018, 10:05 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 10:22

This caller left Nick Ferrari shocked when she insisted she really wants Britain to leave the European Union, even though it will put her out of business.

Natalia runs a French food import company and admitted that it won't survive after Brexit.

But she claims she still wouldn't change her vote and wants out, leaving Nick Ferrari just saying "Good Lord".

She said: "I'm thinking long term for my children, my grandchildren, everybody ahead of that. I'm going to hurt in the short-term and yes, my company is going to go bust.

"But I'm acting in the national interest when I vote. I think the country is better off outside Europe.

Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio
Nick Ferrari in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"I wish that the MPs who vote next week would think about what we voted for. The majority voted out. This isn't an opportunity for them to further their career and get their party in or fight party politics.

"This is a point where all MPs should be acting in the interest of the country."

Listeners were left stunned by Natalia's admission.