Bullish Nigel Farage: Second Referendum Will Result In Even Bigger Brexit Vote

16 January 2019, 08:09

An angry Nigel Farage insisted a People's Vote will end with an even bigger mandate for Brexit.

The former Ukip leader believes a second referendum is now inevitable following Theresa May's record defeat in last night's meaningful vote.

And speaking to Nick Ferrari live from Strasbourg, he told LBC that he's not frightened of fighting another vote.

He said: "If they want to force us to fight more European elections, if they force us to have a second referendum, I think they are going to be surprised.

"We will not roll over. We will deliver an even bigger Brexit vote than we did before.

"So I'm angry and upset with the Prime Minister, but I'm pretty defiant."

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage. Picture: LBC

Mr Farage believes Brexit will now be delayed beyond 29th March, adding: "I'm sad to say, but I expect that the Article 50 date for us to leave will be extended. That is where I think we are going.

"You will hear louder and louder voices within Westminster calling for a second referendum, despite the fact that out in the country, when YouGov asked people two days ago what their preferences were, only 8% put a second referendum as their first choice."