Bus driver's fear for his safety as people return to work

13 May 2020, 09:01

This bus driver told LBC of his fear for his own safety as people go back to work today.

Ricky told Nick Ferrari that passenger numbers would be significantly higher today - but he won't be given any additional safety measures to protect him from coronavirus.

He said: "I've just applied to be considered for furlough from 1st June because I'm actually more nervous to continue working now that it's inevitable that passenger numbers will increase.

"There's no additional help being given to us for either the financial aspect or the safety aspect.

"I'm at more risk now as it's more than likely that more numbers coming on the bus, more people will have the virus and not know it and I'll be at further risk than I would have been for the last two months."

Ricky revealed that his bus has only one set of doors at the front and passengers have to walk half a metre from him to get on - with no barrier between himself and the passengers.

He's worried for his safety and frustrated that the other drivers who have been furloughed get almost the same pay without the risk.

"I feel more at risk now and people who I work with on furlough sit at home for what is about £100 less than me while I'm on the front line for 60 hours putting my life at risk. It's not worth it."

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Nick Ferrari heard from a bus driver who was worried for his safety
Nick Ferrari heard from a bus driver who was worried for his safety. Picture: PA / LBC

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he would look into Ricky's case.

He told LBC: "I sent out to the transport operators a very clear guidance about all the things that they need to do. There are so many operators that we need them to look at their individual buses and say 'Ah, that's going to be too close'.

"I will ask my team to contact yours and find out which company he's working for, as I think it's very important. I'm very interested in following up on cases like that."

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