Nick Ferrari presses Business Secretary over whether we could face second lockdown

1 June 2020, 09:07 | Updated: 1 June 2020, 09:08

Nick Ferrari asked Alok Sharma whether the government would be willing to put a second lockdown in place if we get a second wave of coronavirus.

Lockdown measures have been eased today in England, with people being allowed to meet in gardens in groups of up to six people, while outdoor markets and car showrooms have re-opened.

Some school children are also returning to school - and some scientists have warned if may lead to a rapid rise in coronavirus infections.

Nick asked the Business Secretary whether that would mean a return to stricter lockdown measures and he wasn't satisfied with the answer.

Mr Sharma said: "We've been very clear that we'd have to see whether restrictions would be reimposed.

"Nobody wants to go there. That is why the lifting of restrictions that we've got now has been done in a phased manner."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Alok Sharma
Nick Ferrari spoke to Alok Sharma. Picture: LBC

Nick tried again: "So you would lock down or you wouldn't lock down? I'm confused."

Mr Sharma said: "The reason we have now taken the measures we have is that we have met the five tests.

"The R-value is below one. The scientific group which advises the government has now said that if people continue to show good compliance and the test and trace system is now up and running, on that basis, it is unlikely that the R-value will go above one.

"But if we do find that happens, we'll have to look and see whether we reverse some of the measures that have been introduced under the relaxations and nobody wants that."