Angry Caller Accuses Boris Johnson Of Misleading The Public Over Brexit

13 March 2019, 10:08 | Updated: 13 March 2019, 10:16

An angry LBC caller told Boris Johnson that he had mislead people during the EU referendum campaign by promising we would be better off.

Boris Johnson was one of the MPs who voted against Theresa May's withdrawal agreement last night.

That means that the House of Commons will tonight vote on whether we should leave without a deal.

The former Foreign Secretary was live on LBC this morning answering listeners' questions. And it Paul pulled him up on some of the comments he has made about Brexit.

Paul told him: "You campaigned for Leave and you made it abundantly clear that if we left, we would be better off by miles. I see absolutely no evidence of that whatsoever."

When Mr Johnson pointed out we haven't actually left yet, Paul continued: "You said we'd get a better deal from the EU.

"You said we could have our cake and eat it.

"All I can see is that Theresa May's deal is crumbs.

"What is catastrophic is the humiliation you've caused in this country with your lies in the Leave campaign.

"What you promised was that two and two is seven. What you promised is not deliverable."

Boris Johnson listens to caller Paul
Boris Johnson listens to caller Paul. Picture: LBC

Mr Johnson responded: "Unfortunately, we are not yet trying to deliver what was promised by the Leave campaign. That is the real flaw in the withdrawal agreement."

When Nick Ferrari asked Mr Johnson if he stood by the promises he made in the referendum campaign, the former Mayor insisted: "Absolutely.

"I think we were very clear that the option was to come out of the customs union, come out of the single market, do free trade deals, do a particularly big trade deal with the EU and to take back control of our money, borders and laws.

"That was the campaign."

Mr Johnson was really on the ropes as Nick put to him a series of claims he made, including that he knew more about car manufacturing than the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover.

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