The LBC Caller Convinced The Airport Drones Are A Government Conspiracy

9 January 2019, 09:53

This is the moment an LBC caller insisted that talk of drones at London's airports is a government plan to stop people talking about the Brexit chaos.

Heathrow's departures were halted yesterday after a drone was spotted flying close to the airport, following the two days of disarray at Gatwick shortly before Christmas.

The Met Police confirmed that officers were among the eyewitnesses who saw the drone above Heathrow yesterday, but Alex in Camden doesn't believe the reports.

Asked about his solution for the drone problem, Alex said: "My solution is to get rid of Theresa May and her Conservative government.

"It seems that this government is very adept at having fake crises when it is in trouble. I wonder how many times you've said the word drone this morning. Should it be drown as it drown out the idea of us talking about Brexit."

Nick Ferrari got this bizarre call from a conspiracy theorist
Nick Ferrari got this bizarre call from a conspiracy theorist. Picture: LBC / PA

Nick Ferrari queried who Alex thought was flying the drones and the caller responded: "How do you know there is a drone, Nick? How many hours on the news has gone into speculation, bringing out military experts."

Nick dismissed this conspiracy theory and gave Alex pretty short thrift, insisting that of course the media should be covering the closure of two of Britain's biggest airports.

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