Caller 'happy to hear booing' when footballers take the knee as it 'shows racist minority'

3 June 2021, 13:43

By Sam Sholli

This caller has backed footballers taking the knee, arguing he's "happy" when he hears booing because it highlights society's racist minority.

Jonathan in Leicester made his point after last night there were boos at the Riverside Stadium as England and Austria players took the knee ahead of playing an international friendly.

This caller strongly backed footballers taking the knee in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, LBC: "I know that it has stoked feelings and I think that's the basis of anything moving forward.

"[I think] you need to get people riled up before things change, personally."

He added: "I'm a black guy. I'm all for people taking the knee...and I'm happy when you hear the booing because it highlights just how loud the minority actually is.

"I feel like for far too long as a country we've got away with saying racism isn't that bad in this country because it's just a minority.

"But when you're in the stadium and the cameras are on you and you can hear how loud that minority is, this is why players are taking the knee.

"If we lived in a utopia, the players wouldn't be taking a knee. And I think people need to see that."

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