Caller Scapegoats Pakistanis, Pakistani Calls In To Set Him Straight

18 September 2017, 11:54 | Updated: 18 September 2017, 11:55

Watch the full dialogue below.

Daniel is a student at Cardiff University. He called Nick Ferrari this morning to "speak for the country," saying he had anticipated terror attacks, a decrease in real term wages and the breakdown of British society.

He lamented that Britain had been an "orderly and homogenous" society for 500 years but that was no longer the case.

He blamed mass immigration for the problems, although later admitting to being a first generation immigrant himself.

Daniel soon confessed that it was in fact Pakistani and Middle Eastern immigration that was the problem, creating "no go areas" in his city of Cardiff.

He said: "The issue is Pakistani men raping young girls. The country needs to wake up."

Nick Ferrari indicates to his producer that he wants to bring the next caller into the conversation
Nick Ferrari indicates to his producer that he wants to bring the next caller into the conversation. Picture: LBC

Khaled, also a first generation immigrant but in this instance born in Pakistan, called in to counter Daniel's claims.

He said: "It's people like Daniel that come out with blanket statements without appreciating what's going on. When you asked him what to do, he couldn't tell you.

"Let me tell you who I am. I am a Pakistani born person, brought up in England. I work for the police, the National Health Service, I work in A&E as a doctor.

"Now my values. I go to prayers in the morning, I come back in the evening and have a beer.

"Does that make me part of a group that should be despised and suspected? What about the good stuff I do?"

You can watch the entire conversation below.