Caller told to travel 341 miles for a Covid-19 test leaving Nick Ferrari in disbelief

4 September 2020, 08:56 | Updated: 4 September 2020, 10:28

By Fiona Jones

Nick Ferrari was left in disbelief after this caller was told to travel 341 miles from Nottingham to Dundee in order to take a Covid-19 test.

Brits with coronavirus symptoms are being forced to drive more than 100 miles to be tested after access to kits “dried up” in parts of the country.

Public health experts fear the lack of testing could lead to developing hotspots being missed.

Nick in Nottingham started to present Covid-like symptoms last week so decided to get a test.

When he went on the Government website he was told to go 341 miles from Nottingham to Dundee - he thought he'd enter his address incorrectly, he told LBC's Nick Ferrari.

The 341 mile journey from Nottingham to Dundee
The 341 mile journey from Nottingham to Dundee. Picture: Google Maps

"That is absolutely absurd," Nick said.

The caller responded, "I thought shall I do this? I went on to Google Maps, 341 miles, I thought I think I'll pass that, I'll take some paracetamol. Over the week the symptoms did subside... I like Scotland but 341 miles was a bit too much."

Nick not only wished the caller well, but congratulated him for putting LBC in the top spot for publishing the longest distance suggested by the Government!