Caller Asks Vince Cable Why Liberal Democrats Don't Back Democracy

14 May 2019, 10:16

An LBC caller asked Vince Cable why the Liberal Democrats don't seen to be backing democracy.

With the Lib Dems looking to stop Brexit, Luke insisted that to be democratic, they should be listening to the will of the people.

As Vince appeared in a phone-in with Nick Ferrari, Luke said: "The name of your party is the Liberal Democrats. When I look up the definition of democrat, it says an advocate in support of democracy. Democrats should support the outcome of the referendum.

"Isn't it about time you changed the name of your party?"

Mr Cable responded: "We're perfectly happy with our name. I think it sums up our values.

"When people talk about the future of democracy, Britain is a parliamentary democracy. There was an attempt to go sideways on that with the referendum on Europe. It wasn't a national movement that demanded it, it was largely to sort out an internal problem in the Conservative Party.

"It has happened and the only way to resolve this impasse that we've got into, which the Liberal Democrats didn't create, is to go back to the people, which is a democratic solution.

"I'm always surprised that people object so strongly to be given the vote."

Vince Cable told the Lib Dems aren't supporting democracy
Vince Cable told the Lib Dems aren't supporting democracy. Picture: LBC

Luke fired back: "That's why the Brexit Party is going to be so successful. They are listening to the people, they are listening to the vote.

"Some people who didn't even vote to leave are still wanting democracy because ultimately, it is a democratic country."