Nick Ferrari Leads Campaign Against Government Plan To Drop Pennies

14 March 2018, 07:54

Nick Ferrari labelled Phillip Hammond's plan to phase out pennies as a "PR disaster waiting to happen" for the Conservative Party.

The Treasury announced a review into the future of coppers, revealing that 60% were used just once before being put in storage and piggy banks, meaning the Royal Mint has to issue 500million new copper coins every year.

But Nick Ferrari says the plan shows just how out of touch the government is.

Nick Ferrari thinks the idea to drop pennies is a PR disaster
Nick Ferrari thinks the idea to drop pennies is a PR disaster. Picture: LBC / Getty

Nick said: "How absurd. Doesn't it show how incredibly out of touch people in those positions are?

"Because for a lot of people, a packet of biscuits that cost £1.99 instead of £2, that penny is actually quite important. Fortunately I'm very lucky currently in that it wouldn't make a difference to me whether it cost me £2, but for a lot of people, they do literally watch the pennies.

"This is a PR disaster waiting to bite the Conservatives in the rear end.

"And if they go ahead with it, they deserve all the opprobrium coming their way."