Care workers don't need a badge, they need tests and PPE: Nick Ferrari

16 April 2020, 07:45 | Updated: 16 April 2020, 07:56

By Adrian Sherling

Nick Ferrari told the Health Secretary that social care workers do not need a badge, they need coronavirus tests and protective equipment.

Matt Hancock announced last night at the Downing Street press conference that social care workers are to be given a badge entitling them to privileged treatment, similar to that of NHS workers.

But speaking on his LBC show this morning, Nick did not understand why that is a priority.

He said: "I don't envy Mr Hancock in that position. But whoever had the idea of the stunt of a badge needs to be fired now. No ifs, no buts, no coconuts. Bang the desk, get out, go and destroy some other government department because you've made me look like a fool.

"They need tests. They need kit. They need gloves. They need aprons.

Nick Ferrari didn't think a badge should be a priority for Matt Hancock
Nick Ferrari didn't think a badge should be a priority for Matt Hancock. Picture: LBC / PA

"What do they need a badge for? What is this, an episode of Blue Peter?

"This is ridiculous."

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Mr Hancock said when he released the badge: "This badge will be a badge of honour in a very real sense allowing social care staff produly and publicly to identify themselves just like NHS staff do with that NHS blue and white logo.

"I know that many businesses will want to offer the same recognitions and benefits as they do wonderfully to the NHS."