Greggs Black Card: CEO tells LBC how you can get a Concierge Card like Stormzy

3 March 2020, 12:37 | Updated: 3 March 2020, 16:23

By Seán Hickey

The CEO of Greggs was on hand to share what Stormy's unique membership card offers him.

Roger Whiteside, the CEO of the high street bakery joined Nick Ferrari to share facts and figures on Greggs' most successful year in its 80 year history when the conversation turned to free pastries.

Nick quizzed the chief on the new Greggs concierge card which the UK rapper Stormzy was the first to be given the honour of owning one.

"Second only to the American Express card made of slate, how do you get a Greggs concierge card and what does it give you?" Nick began.

Mr. Whiteside was quick to point out that he didn't make the decision and that the Greggs marketing team was responsible for bestowing the honour to the Heavy is the head rapper.

Guessing the criteria of how to be awarded the concierge card, Roger Whiteside assumed that the nominee must "have 1 million followers".

The bakery chain has had its most profitable year since opening
The bakery chain has had its most profitable year since opening. Picture: PA

Curious of what the privilege means, Nick asked Mr. Whiteside "does he now have free sausage rolls".

The CEO laughed off the thought of his company giving away stock and explained that the card gives him access to a couture delivery service. "If he needs anything from greggs we offer a concierge service that will get those products to him as quickly as possible".

Nick was visibly impressed by the idea, classing it as a stroke of mastery from the bakery.