Columnist condemns Meghan Markle's 'creepy woke cult' as Piers Morgan quits

10 March 2021, 10:55

By Fiona Jones

Spiked Online's Brendan O'Neill claimed that Piers Morgan left ITV due to Meghan Markle's "creepy woke cult" preventing people from "blaspheming against her."

Mr Morgan left his morning show after telling viewers he "didn't believe a word" of the Sussexes' US interview, which included Meghan opening up about having suicidal thoughts as a working Royal.

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The comments shocked much of the nation, with Ofcom receiving over 41,000 complaints over Mr Morgan's dismissal of this highly sensitive admission.

LBC's presenter and mental health campaigner Natasha Devon lambasted the former GMB presenter, telling Nick Ferrari the golden rule of mental health is "you have to take talk of suicide seriously."

"Piers Morgan legitimises dangerous views in the mainstream media," she said, pointing out viewers who may feel suicidal could decline to get help for fear of being doubted.

She told Nick she has always refused to talk to the presenter as he "speaks over" any other opinion and "mischaracterises" voices on mental health.

However, columnist Brendan O'Neill questioned why Mr Morgan departed from ITV "for criticising a Royal," asking, "What century is this?"

Nick countered, "I don't think it's that. It's questioning the veracity of emotional health."

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"It's questioning the veracity of claims made by a member of the Royal Family," Mr O'Neill responded, "that takes us into very dark territory."

"The veneration of Meghan Markle by the woke set, I find it very creepy, she's been turned into the patron saint of wokeness. No one is allowed to question her, no one is allowed to blaspheme against her."

He branded the support around the Duchess as akin to a "fundamentalist religion" which is why, in his eyes, Piers Morgan was told to apologise or "sling his hook."

Nick remarked that this move could be financial, with advertisers disinclined to work with ITV's morning show after his comments.

Mr O'Neill claimed that "the pressure from the cult of Meghan Markle" has now influenced businesses and is "breathing down the necks of press freedom."

If you are affected by any of the above and need emotional support then contact the Samaritans helpline 24 hours a day on 116 123, email, visit a Samaritans branch or visit their website.