Commander In Charge Of London Violent Crime Doesn't Know How Many Murders In London

19 November 2018, 10:38

After further stabbings took place in North London last night, Nick Ferrari spoke to the Commander of the Violent Crime Task Force for the Metropolitan Police to talk about crime in London.

After four men were stabbed in Edmonton last night and a suspected drive-by shooting only 3 miles away, Nick Ferrari spoke to Chief Superintendent Ade Adelekan about whether violent crime in London is under control or not.

Having claimed that control is being "regained" and that violence in London is being "stabilised", Nick asked Mr Adelekan if he could tell him the number of violent deaths which had occurred in the Met area so far this year.

The Commander of the Violent Crime Task Force fumbled over his words eventually saying that there had been 110 violent deaths so far, but Nick Ferrari had to correct him and inform him that there had in fact been 120 such deaths.

Nick Ferrari
Picture: LBC

Nick Ferrari was incredulous at the Superintendent's failure to have the number to hand. "You're commander of the Violent Crime Task Force and I needed to tell you the number", he said.

Mr Adelekan conceded that he should indeed have known the number.

The Commander went on to say that he was "absolutely confident" that his task force would be able to restrict the number of violent deaths going forward.

Watch the interview in full below.