Communities Secretary wouldn't report neighbours for breaking lockdown rules

1 May 2020, 08:33

By Adrian Sherling

The Communities Secretary has told LBC he would not report his neighbours to the police for breaking the lockdown rules.

Police have received almost 200,000 calls from members of the public snitching on neighbours for breaches of the lockdown measures.

Nick Ferrari asked Robert Jenrick if he would grass up his neighbours.

Mr Jenrick responded: "No, I don't think I would do. But I'm not going to pass judgement on other people and what they're choosing to do.

Robert Jenrick told Nick Ferrari he wouldn't report his neighbours
Robert Jenrick told Nick Ferrari he wouldn't report his neighbours. Picture: PA / LBC

"It's become apparent to me that the lockdown is harder for different people that others.

"That's why in my job, I've tried to find small ways to make it more liveable and bearable, particularly people who live in flats and apartments without gardens or have kids in cramped accommodation.

"That's why I've tried to keep the parks open. That's why I've reopened graveyards and cemeteries so people can go and see their loved ones.

"That's why we're reopening tips and recycling centres."

Nick said they should never have been closed in the first place and Mr Jenrick agreed.

"We never asked for them to be closed. There's no medical reason they need to be. But we want councils now to get on and re-open them.

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