Controversial Front Page: Should Editor Have Apologised For "Offensive" Image?

1 November 2019, 07:15

The controversial front page of the Bristol Post
The controversial front page of the Bristol Post. Picture: Bristol Post

The editor of the Bristol Post has apologised for putting a picture of the city's black mayor on the front page that looks like "a mug shot".

Deputy Mayor Asher Craig labelled the front page of Bristol's mayor Marvin Rees "crass and offensive".

Editor Mike Norton initially derided the criticism as "beyond ludicrous". But after the backlash grew, he said sorry for the hurt caused.

Nick Ferrari is asking: do you think he should have apologised for it?

In his apology, Mr Norton wrote: "Unfortunately, my first instinct on Twitter was to defend the page and the use of the picture. Partly because I didn’t see what its critics saw – which I accept is part of the problem – but also because I felt that some of the criticism was disingenuous, using the page to make wider, personal insults.

"But that knee-jerk reaction was ill-judged. In short, we got it wrong again with this page and I apologise for that. Of course, there was absolutely no deliberate attempt to undermine Marvin Rees in the way in which his portrayal has been perceived. But perception is key here and, frankly, this organisation reaps what it has sown in that respect."