'Corbyn Misled The Electorate' Says Chancellor Philip Hammond

28 July 2017, 09:21 | Updated: 28 July 2017, 11:48

As the Tories keep up pressure on Corbyn over his student debt comments during the election, Chancellor Philip Hammond laid into the Labour Leader in this interview with Nick Ferrari.

The Conservatives continue to hold Jeremy Corbyn to account for alluding to the idea Labour may write off student debt during the election.

The Tories have written to shadow chancellor John McDonnell, challenging him to reveal what spending plans Labour would axe to pay for it.

Chancellor Philip Hammond continued the criticism on air while speaking to Nick Ferrari.

He said: "What Jeremy Corbyn set out during the general election campaign, and this is not including the £100 billion for writing off student debt, which he's now reneged on, backed out of last week.

"Those plans would have cost £253 billion over the course of this parliament.

"What Labour never explained to us is how they would pay the interest on that additional debt. £5.8 billion a year of interest costs.

"That's equivalent to about £200,000 sector worker's pay. They've never told us who they would get rid of, what services they would cut, in order to pay that extra bill."

Nick asked: "Did Mr Corbyn lie to students, Chancellor?"

Mr Hammond replied: "He certainly, very seriously, misled a large section of the electorate."