Covid-19: Passengers without masks are causing bus drivers to 'drop like flies'

5 February 2021, 09:58

By Fiona Jones

This bus driver told Nick Ferrari that his colleagues are "dropping like flies" as he estimates around 40% of passengers refuse to wear Covid masks.

Paul from Deal told Nick that he has lost a couple of his colleagues at his depot to coronavirus, and "not a week goes by" when 20-30 other drivers have to self-isolate.

He estimated that only around six in ten people board the bus with some sort of face covering.

"They're getting better...but we battle with this every single day, I certainly do anyway," Paul said.

He told Nick he and his colleagues are "getting so fed up with it" and now anybody who comes up to his bus without a covering simply does not get on unless they are exempt and prove it.

"I need to protect the passengers on my bus and I need to protect my own health as well," Paul said, adding that in his area it is teenagers that he has problems with "all the time."

"Not a trip goes by, whether it's early middle or late shift, that I don't have to have a challenge and say to somebody face mask."

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