Nick Ferrari clashes with 'selfish' caller who thinks yoga will protect him from Covid

18 May 2021, 11:12

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is Nick Ferrari's fiery clash with a caller who doesn't want to get the Covid jab and says he's moving to China because the UK is too authoritarian.

"I think in China they're quite keen to have a vaccine, I don't know if you've heard of a city called Wuhan..."

After comments by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber suggesting those who refuse the Covid jab are akin to drink drivers, Nick Ferrari asked for your views.

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Richard from Nottingham called in to say he had spent a long time working abroad as a teacher.

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Arguing he has a "perfectly functioning immune system," the caller asked, "why should I take something I don't need?"

"If you're ill, and I hope you're not, do you expect the NHS to help you?" Nick asked the caller.

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Richard replied that he would be willing to "sign something that says if I get Covid don't put me in hospital."

Nick asked the caller if this meant he should just be left to die on the street?

But, the caller said he did not think he would get ill.

"I've been doing yoga 21 years, I've kept myself healthy," he argued.

Nick challenged the caller and informed him what he thought might happen.

"If you get ill, you will go to the hospital, and you will need a ventilator and you will need nurses probably to turn you on your front and on your back, and they will fight very hard to save your life.

"And you've been selfish, because quote, 'I do yoga and I have a perfect immune system', seriously?"

The caller wanted to know why he "doesn't have the right to rely on my own immune system?"

Which led to Nick pointing out he felt he was being irresponsible and "jeopardising others."

The caller exploded at Nick and told him that he planned to leave the country in September and that he had a job offer in China, where he claimed he did not need to have a vaccine.

"I think in China they're quite keen to have a vaccine, I don't know if you've heard of a city called Wuhan where they had a rather nasty outbreak a year or so ago..."