Cressida Dick reveals 150 officers have been injured in last six weeks

22 July 2020, 08:31 | Updated: 22 July 2020, 09:33

By Adrian Sherling

The Met Police Commissioner has told LBC that 150 officers have been injured dealing with protests and parties in the last six weeks.

Cressida Dick said that the post-lockdown period has been a difficult one to police with the Black Lives Matter protests, statue protests and a number of "unlicensed music events" to deal with.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on Call The Commissioner, Dame Cressida warned that anyone who attacks police will be locked up.

Cressida Dick said 150 officers have been injured in six weeks
Cressida Dick said 150 officers have been injured in six weeks. Picture: PA / LBC

She said: "We've had over 150 officers injured in the past six weeks and the protests and some of these unlicensed music events.

"People seem to think that these events are bunting and cakes on a table. It's not. These are events where people set out to cause enormous disruption. They're always associated with violence."

Nick queried why the Met sent officers into the illegal raves with just hi-vis jackets and no riot gear.

Dame Cressida insisted: "What my public order commanders have to balance is that if you go in immediately to people who are not engaging but appear to be peaceful in full kit with your helmets on, you are extremely likely to make a difficult situation very much worse, very quickly.

"These are fine balance judgements they have to make.

"At protests and unlicensed music events, we have been arresting people for violent disorder, for assault. Over 250 people [have been arrested], mostly assaults on police officers.

"We still have 80 outstanding suspects." You can see all the outstanding suspects here.