Nick Ferrari promises to help get answers for Dad over daughter's death from sepsis

17 January 2020, 10:30

Nick Ferrari offered to help this heartbroken father to get an investigation into his daughter's death from sepsis.

Mark Whitlocke's 35-year-old daughter died in hospital after suffering complications from sepsis in June 2018.

The hospital in question didn't spot that she had sepsis, claiming instead that she had blood on her lungs.

It comes as it was revealed sepsis has overtaken cancer as the world's biggest killer. The condition accounts for one in five of all deaths, according to research published in The Lancet.

Nick heard this heartbreaking tale about Sepsis
Nick heard this heartbreaking tale about Sepsis. Picture: PA / LBC

After telling the haunting story of how his daughter died, Nick asked what he wanted the hospital to do now, Mark answered: "They knew she had sepsis. They knew it and they should have told us.

"To be told different stuff - blood on her lungs, we've got to switch her off, stuff like that. And when we questioned the doctor, there was never blood on her lungs, the radiologist got it wrong.

"Nobody wants to look at that side of it. Nobody wants to say let's look into this, the lies you've been told. They say they don't want to know the case."

Nick told him: "Let's see if we can help you Mark. We will start making calls to that hospital. You often find that when media organisations get involved, questions that you've sought answers for for the last two years, suddenly the answers are forthcoming."

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