David Davis Insists A Brexit Deal Will Be Done At The Last Minute

30 January 2019, 10:05

David Davis insists the EU will cave to pressure and agree a Brexit deal with the UK following last night's vote in parliament.

The former Brexit Secretary believes the the success of the Brady Amendment will "send a good signal" to Brussels.

That gives Theresa May a mandate to go back to the EU and look for alternative arrangements to the controversial Irish backstop, but Guy Verhofstadt insists it's a key part of the withdrawal agreement.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, Mr Davis said he was confident a deak will be done, as the EU always leave it to the last-second.

He said: "If we have no deal, they've got a lot more to lose than we have.

"Look at all the things have been happening in Europe. Only a week or two ago, the Portuguese said they're going to have a special line for British tourists so we can accelerate them through. If you read the French press rather than the propaganda out of the Elysée, the airports in southern France saying you've got to have an aviation deal otherwise we'll have to shut down.Things like that.

David Davis in the LBC studio
David Davis in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"There are lots and lots of signs saying to us actually there will be pressure to come back the table. That may take more than one more round, let's be clear about this, we may be doing this in March."

When Nick asked what he thought would happen, he responded: "My money is on a last-minute deal when everybody has to come back to the table and be sensible."