Furious Female Caller Sums Up Why Moyes Was So Wrong

4 April 2017, 11:01 | Updated: 4 April 2017, 11:23

"At the root of the joke is violence against women," says Lucy in Bromley, a 21-year-old caller who's absolutely furious at David Moyes' comments to a female interviewer.

The Sunderland manager told BBC reporter Vicki Sparks that she "might get a slap" after a post-match interview. He's since apologised but some are continuing to call for him to face more severe punishment and even be sacked.

A number of female callers phoned Nick this morning to say that the uproar about Moyes was being overstated and that his comments were menat in a light-hearted fashion. One caller even described them as "banter".

That prompted Lucy in Bromley to call LBC. It's safe to say she didn't agree.

"I'm absolutely shocked that your last caller thought it was just a bit of banter and that women should just take it on the chin," she fumed. "We live in a society now where we are allowed to say what's right and wrong for women.

"It's mad that these women are ringing you up and saying it's absolutely fine to behave like [Moyes].

"We're just fighting for equality and women should not have to be treated like that."

When Nick put it to Lucy that both Moyes and the reporter laughed during the recording, the caller insisted that was part of the problem: "Everyone marks things like this down to humour...but at the root of the joke is violence against women."