Defence Secretary's stark warning on ISIS in Afghanistan

24 August 2021, 08:36

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

Speaking to LBC's Nick Ferrari the Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned that ISIS would "be absolutely determined to get under the skin of the Taliban."

The conversation comes as the Prime Minister is set to chair an emergency meeting of G7 nations to coordinate a response to the crisis in Afghanistan as the race to evacuate people continues.

Mr Wallace said there had been public comments from ISIS that they would seek to prove they are the "true jihadists."

He warned that the security situation around the Kabul airport "will get worse" as the deadline for Western troops to leave Afghanistan approaches.

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On Monday Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said the Kabul evacuation effort is "down to hours now, not weeks", as he acknowledged that America's exit will mean "we will have to go as well".

He said that at the G7 meeting the Prime Minister is "going to try and raise the prospect of seeing if the United States will extend" its withdrawal.

A Taliban spokesperson said on Monday that any attempt to continue the military evacuation operation past August 31 would "provoke a reaction".

Ahead of the virtual meeting, Boris Johnson promised "to use every humanitarian and diplomatic lever" to protect human rights in the country, following the Taliban takeover.

He is expected to push the US to extend its presence in the country past August 31 to allow the evacuation effort more time.