Delingpole & Campbell In Fiery War Of Words On LBC

18 May 2016, 08:47 | Updated: 25 August 2016, 18:21

Nick Ferrari LBC Studio

Alastair Campbell and James Delingpole were involved in a ferocious war of words live on LBC over Boris Johnson's Hitler comments.

In a wonderfully entertaining clash, Mr Campbell called the former Mayor a "charlatan" and accused him of "a straightforward lie".

But Mr Delingpole, a friend of Boris, retorted: "All I can hear is more rage and nastiness."

After the Brietbart author defended Mr Johnson, Campbell replied: "I was listening and I was very closely gagging as well, which is what I often do when I hear that sort of right-wing bilge.

"How you can talk about something as important as the decision that's being played out on June 23rd and says that what matters is that Boris Johnson makes you laugh and goes around the place eating Cornish pasties."

He went on a withering attack on Boris Johnson, adding: "He's treating is as a gigantic ego trip to promote himself to try to become the next Conservative Prime Minister and Europe within that is a game.

"I think Boris Johnson is a charlatan. He stands up and states as a statement of fact that you cannot, because of the European Union sell bananas in bunches of more than two or three. It's a straightforward lie.

"And people go, 'Oh that's funny, bananas, bananas, bananas'.

"You people are playing a very dangerous game and I wish you would do it on the basis of fact."

But Mr Delingpole wasn't taking the attack lightly, responding: "All I can hear is more rage and nastiness. I didn't hear any argument about why Britain should remain in Europe. All I hear is 'Boris Johnson is a horrid toff'.

"I don't think you advanced the intelligent debate at all.

"This attack on Boris Johnson has been completely confected. Did you actually read the article or are you getting your message from message HQ."

The row ended in a row over whether the EU is democratic, with Mr Campbell saying: "You have democratic control over the Ministers you elect, you buffoon."

Mr Delingpole responded: "Its... what did you say?"

Nick helps out: "He said they do have accountability through the ministers that are elected through the British government and he finished by calling you a buffoon, Mr Delingpole."

Mr Delingpole said: "A buffoon, was that?" to which Nick responded: "Yes, a buffoon."