De Facto Deputy PM Raises Prospect Of General Election If May Loses Brexit Vote

27 November 2018, 08:42

Theresa May's deputy raised the prospect of a General Election if Theresa May loses the meaningful vote on her Brexit deal.

MP's will vote on the Prime Minister's EU Withdrawal Agreement on 11th December and faces a real challenge to get the bill through parliament.

Nick Ferrari asked David Lidington if the vote will effectively be a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister and he mentioned that another election could be on the horizon.

Mr Lidington said: "I think that it's important for the country. No one politician, it's important for the country.

"The Fixed Term Parliament act lays down the rules for calling an early General Election if that's what people want.

David Lidington hinted at a possible new election
David Lidington hinted at a possible new election. Picture: LBC / PA

"But if I know anything about this Prime Minister, it's that she gets up in the morning, frankly not too bothered about her personal reputation, she gets up motivated by a really old-fashioned but admirable sense of public duty and public service.

"What I'm finding on the streets is that people have had an improved rating of her in the last few weeks because they've admired her sheer doggedness, her stamina, her resilience and her determination to take the flak if needs be to do what's right for the country.