Dominic Grieve: I'll Stop No-Deal Brexit, Even If It Leads To Prime Minister Corbyn

3 September 2019, 08:49

Dominic Grieve says he will vote to stop a no-deal Brexit, even if it means Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson is expected to call a snap General Election for 14th October if he is defeated by a cross-party motion in parliament today aimed at stopping a no-deal Brexit.

Former Attorney General Mr Grieve is one of the Conservatives who have said they will vote against the government today, risking the withdrawal of the whip and deselection.

In a statement outside Downing Street yesterday, the Prime Minister described that as "chopping the legs off" the government's ability to negotiate.

But speaking to Nick Ferrari, Mr Grieve said: "I don't wish to chop the legs off the Prime Minister, but I do wish to do what's right for my country.

"As a no-deal Brexit is very damaging and a crazy idea to pursue, I will be taking steps with my colleagues to try to make sure it can't happen on 31st October as he's been threatening."

Nick Ferrari spoke to Dominic Grieve
Nick Ferrari spoke to Dominic Grieve. Picture: LBC

Nick told him that it could hand Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Downing Street - and Mr Grieve seemed ok with that.

He said: "I don't wish to see Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street, but we live in a democracy.

"If people lose all confidence in the Conservative government and its Prime Minister, then the risk of them electing Jeremy Corbyn at some point is going to increase.

"The country has to come before the party."