Dominic Raab "has behaved disgracefully" over Harry Dunn case, says family spokesperson

22 November 2019, 11:15

Dominic Raab has "behaved disgracefully" over the Harry Dunn case and it is "outrageous" that he has sought legal costs from the family, says the spokesperson.

Radd Seiger, the Dunn family's spokesperson, said, "it's an absolute disgrace."

"Mr Raab represents British citizens around the world and their interests. Now the last time I checked Harry's parents are British and they're entitled to be represented by Mr Raab.

"From the moment that we met him, he has in our view behaved disgracefully and he's treated them effectively like they're not British," said Mr Seiger, "to have that letter arrive as it did last Friday suggests that something's gone terribly wrong."

This is after Dominic Raab sent a letter to the Dunn family defending the government's decision to seek legal costs from them for the case.

Harry Dunn&squot;s mother, Charlotte Charles, condemned Dominic Raab for his "mixed messages"
Harry Dunn's mother, Charlotte Charles, condemned Dominic Raab for his "mixed messages". Picture: PA

Mr Seiger continued: "To seek costs from this poor family who have next to no money is outrageous. They are not engaged in some frivolous or vexatious piece of litigation. They are seeking the truth and they're not doing it just for themselves, they're doing it for you and me.

"If this had happened to us, we would do the same thing - and as Mr Raab said himself in the House of Commons on 21 October, this is an unprecedented situation.

"There are anomalies in these diplomatic immunity laws and if ever you would want your government to join you, to walk into court and ask the courts to clarify it, this is the case."

"The nation is outraged - as we are."

Nick agreed that the government are not acting on the behalf of anyone.