Donald Trump is terrified of facing Joe Biden, strategist tells LBC

4 March 2020, 13:53

By Fiona Jones

This strategist explained the latest in US politics to Nick Ferrari - and why Donald Trump is scared of facing Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is "of course" scared of facing Democratic Joe Biden, said strategist John Earnhardt: "That's why he was impeached - he was obviously trying to get dirt on the Vice President and his son from the Ukraine and trying to campaign with US money."

Super Tuesday has seen Former Vice President Joe Biden sweep to victory in the race to become the Democrat candidate for the next US Presidential election.

He has won the support of at least eight states out of 14 picking their favourite to run against Donald Trump in November.

Mr Earnhardt said that considering last night's results, it shows that people are saying Joe Biden is the "guy who can win."

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"We want to get Donald Trump out of the White House, many many many people do, and we're getting around Joe Biden to do that because he can win," said Mr Earnhardt.

Nick asked the strategist why Mr Biden failed to engage earlier in the campaign.

He reflected that the Democratic candidate started with Iowa and New Hampshire which are two small, predominantly white states that are not particularly diverse, which is a slightly tougher win for a diverse party.

Mr Earnhardt that after Joe Biden won across the southern states which "you have to win to win the Presidency, he's lined up well to be the nominee."