"EU Want Jeremy Hunt As PM As He's Pliant", Says Dominic Raab

26 June 2019, 10:15

Dominic Raab believes the EU want Jeremy Hunt as Prime Minister rather than Boris Johnson because he is more pliant.

The former leadership candidate, who is now backing Boris Johnson for Prime Minister, believes

Asked how the EU would react to Mr Johnson becoming Prime Minister, he said: "It's not what they want.

"They want someone who is pliant. They want the candidate who has been willing to take no deal off the table in the past and who signalled they would accept another extension.

"They don't want someone who will come in, stare them down and say 'I'm sorry, we want to extend the arm of friendship, there's too much at stake long term, we're going to continue to trade and do all the other co-operation, but we're leaving come what may at the end of October.'

Dominic Raab said Jeremy Hunt would be the EU's preferred candidate
Dominic Raab said Jeremy Hunt would be the EU's preferred candidate. Picture: PA / LBC

"From the EU's point of view, that's not what they want.

"I think it's about time we stood up to Brussels rather than cowering before Brussels."

During the leadership contest, Mr Hunt has repeatedly said he does not want a no-deal Brexit, but has refused to take it off the table.