Trump Insider: President Told Me He Does NOT Want War With North Korea

20 September 2017, 08:15 | Updated: 20 September 2017, 11:13

Donald Trump's tough-talking at the United Nations is a sign that the US is no longer willing to put up with rogue nations, according to the Presidents former Security Advisor.

Dr Sebastian Gorka said President Trump will no longer stand by and watch countries flout international law.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, the former White House advisor said: "He was trying to achieve something very simple. He was reasserting national sovereignty as a good thing, sending a message to our friends that we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you if you share our values.

"And on top of that, sending a message to those rogue nations, such as Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, that the last eight years of appeasement have ended and America will realise its interests.

"He went into the heart of darkness, into the hive of duplicitous globalisation that is the United Nations and he read them the riot act.

"I know this is a man that doesn't speak empty rhetoric. This is a very different President to Barack Obama."

Dr Sebastian Gorka was the White House Advisor on Security as recently as August
Dr Sebastian Gorka was the White House Advisor on Security as recently as August. Picture: LBC

But Dr Gorka insists the President does not want to start a war, adding: "I've been in the Oval Office with the President and he has told me explicitly he has no desire, no interest to go to war with North Korea.

"But if you consistently flout the international requirement upon you to stop ballistic missile testing, if you continue to actually detonate nuclear devices and then fire missiles across the territory of our allies like Japan, if you threaten our territory which he has done so with respect to Guam, the President will take whatever measures necessary to protect our interest.

"Right now, the ball is in Pyongyang's court. They can de-escalate if they wish to. It's really up to them."