Exclusive: John Worboys Rape Victim Tells Her Story To LBC

7 February 2018, 08:17

As two victims of black cab rapist John Worboys ask High Court judges later if they can challenge the decision to release him from prison, LBC spoke to one of his victims who hasn't got justice.

LBC has spoken to ‘Deborah’, who says she was a victim of John Worboys. She was raped in November 2003 after he picked her up just after midnight from a night out with colleagues in Chelsea.

He told her he’d won the lottery. She wouldn’t drink the champagne but was persuaded by the orange juice. One of the next things she remembers was waking up in bed at around 6pm the next day. Her husband told her when she got back, her clothes were all dishevelled and she’d taken four hours from when she texted him to say she was leaving to come home.

For six years she had no memory of what had happened, but finally remembered in 2009 when she saw the case of his trial in the papers.

From there, she started getting flashbacks and went to the police in Spring 2009. She gave a statement once a fuller memory of the rape hit her, but was told that the CPS would not press charges as he was already in jail.

John Worboys
John Worboys. Picture: Met Police

Deborah says she doesn't think Worboys should be banned from living in London, saying that would just put women in danger elsewhere in the country.

She said: "No woman's safe, no matter where she lives. It's not to do with the women in London, what about all the other women in the country? No one's safe if he's out there."

She also told LBC that she felt suicidal after the police told her they would not press charges over her attack, adding: "It made me suicidal. It made me very, very ill. I'm still on tablets now because of it. Severe anxiety.

"I couldn't travel in a taxi. I couldn't even drive up to London because I would see taxis. Certain triggers that would remind me of things, smells, certain sounds and the way it all pieces together and I couldn't get out of bed actually, I was asleep all thetime. And I had two young children to look after as well."