"It's fake news!": Nick Ferrari takes aim at James Cleverly after Tories doctored video

6 November 2019, 09:06 | Updated: 7 November 2019, 08:40

Nick Ferrari told the chairman of the Conservative Party that his party has been putting out fake news after they edited a video of Labour's Sir Keir Starmer.

The Conservatives' Twitter feed posted a doctored video of the Shadow Brexit Secretary which appeared to show him struggling to answer a question on Labour's policy, when in fact he responded immediately.

Mr Cleverly tried to defend their editing, saying: "The video you are referring to was a satirical, humorous video. I think the comedy soundtrack that we overlaid on that video made it very clear it was satirical.

"Earlier on that morning, we posted a full version of the interview, so people can see unedited the complete illogicality of Labour's position on Brexit.

"Later on that morning, we also posted an edited satirical version."

But Nick told him: "Your press office said 'Believe it or not, this car crash interview really did take place'. But it didn't the way you portrayed it, because you edited it.

"When my listeners see the Conservative Press Office say 'Believe it or not, this car crash interview really did take place'... well it didn't. You doctored it. It's fake news.

"If I was to take this interview now and ask you a question and then I just put in total silence and a bit of Benny Hill music, you'd be totally relaxed would you? No, I put it to you that you wouldn't."

Nick Ferrari pushed James Cleverly on his defence
Nick Ferrari pushed James Cleverly on his defence. Picture: PA / LBC

Mr Cleverly insisted: "If I was unable to answer the question like Keir Starmer was unable to answer the question put to him and you were highlighting the fact, then I think that's legit."

The Tory chairman actually had a different defence of the clip on Good Morning Britain this morning, claiming the clip was edited simply to shorten the video.