Far-Right Extremists Are Recruiting Primary School Children, Says Government Tsar

17 January 2019, 10:08 | Updated: 17 January 2019, 12:05

The Government's lead commissioner for countering extremism has told LBC primary school children are being recruited by far-right extremists.

Sara Khan is currently completing a comprehensive study of the problems in the UK following the Manchester Arena attack in 2017.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari, she said the thing that had shocked her the most is the extent of far-right extremism.

She said: "I have been shocked by the scale of far-right extremism in our country. Just the scale of it and the concern that people have.

"When I've been going to cities in Wales or across England, the very real examples that people are giving, from youth workers telling me that young people are being targeted by far-right extremists.

"The scale of extremist content online, for example."

Sara Khan said primary school children are being targeted by extremists
Sara Khan said primary school children are being targeted by extremists. Picture: LBC

When Nick asked the age of young people being targeted, Ms Khan responded: "Even primary age.

"And there may be cases where parents are holding some of those extremist views. So parents who were former members or supporters of the British National Party or equally on the Islamist side, parents who are supporters of the banned group Al-Muhajiroun and radicalising their own children.

"Teachers are having to pick that up."

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