Farage And Salmond's Fiery Row Over Scotland On Brexit Day

29 March 2017, 11:18

Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond got into a roaring row over Scottish independence as the pair appeared live on LBC ahead of Theresa May triggering Article 50.

One of the most outspoken Leave campaigners sat down with one of the proudest Remainers as Nick Ferrari hosted an Article 50 special from outside Parliament.

The former Ukip leader insisted that the British people are more behind Brexit than ever before - and that the SNP are sneering at the will of the people.

But Mr Salmond hit back, saying the SNP had a mandate for Scotland, after getting 50% of the vote in Scottish elections, compared with Ukips 2%.

"The reality is Northern Ireland's in deadlock, the Welsh are alienated, the Scots are having a referendum, England's split down the middle...it's a total shambles.

"We've got eight pages of mush being sent over to Donald Tusk.

"This is whistle while you work. It's gung-ho nonsense."

Nigel Farage then joined the show, identified by Nick as one of the chief architects of Brexit. Nick put Mr Salmond's comments about the state of the United Kingdom to him.

"What I see is Alex Salmond talking a Westminster story, a political class story that may be fascinating to him and a few journos around here.

"Out in the country, the picture is entirely different. Out in the country, a large number of people are saying 'we voted Remain, but we're democrats, so let's crack on with it.'

"The last good opinion polling I saw - and obviously take all of it with a pinch of salt - was that now about 68% would vote to leave."

Mr Farage really seemed to rile Salmond when he appeared to accuse the SNP of "sneering" at Leave campaigners: "Just like the Labour and Tory politicians sneered at this argument with me 10 years ago, they began to realise that actually people want to govern themselves."

Salmond fired back: "We in the SNP never sneered at Nigel Farage and his lot. What we did was got 50% of the vote...his ex-lot in Ukip got 2%. Therefore Nigel's determination and judgment of the view of the Scottish people is somewhat suspect."

"A third of your party voted to Leave!" Farage replied, before accusing Salmond of having "high Tory" friends.

"If I had 'high Tory' friends in Scotland, that wouldn't be many folk," shot back Salmond. "An independent nation, a nation like Scotland, has the right to self-determination, we've got the right to determine our own European future, just as I wouldn't deny the people of England their right to determine their future.

"You know, I was talking about Theresa May fighting with everyone, the only people on this planet she's not fighting with are Nigel Tarage (sic) and Donald Trump."

See their full exchange here: