Ferrari Hammers ‘Loathsome’ EU Leaders

2 December 2016, 09:06 | Updated: 2 December 2016, 10:04

Ferrai EU Rant

"Where is the democracy?" Nick Ferrari hammers EU leaders as anger at Brussels grows across the continent.

Popular movements are growing across the EU in anger at the centralising force of Brussels. EU leaders have responded by telling governments not to hold referendums.

This makes Nick incredibly angry and he asks; “where is the democracy in that?”

“Jean-Claude Juncker instructed EU leaders not to hold referendums because of concerns the voters would choose to leave. Well, where is the democracy in this?”

“How did Juncker react the day after Brexit? By walking past the journalists with his fingers in his ears refusing to talk to them. They are absolutely loathsome these unelected EU leaders, just vile. They are obsessed with power.”

“All that needs to happen is a new European Union trading bloc comes out, dismantle the Parliaments, the lunacy of shuttling between Brussels and Strasburg. The overarching power they insist on placing on us.”

“Just let go and just let sell our apples into France and we'll have their wine back here, whatever which way it goes and shove a bit of lamb into the bargain too that's all it needs. We don't need an army and an anthem and a flag and God knows what else. Hopefully it would appear much of Europe is waking up this."